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Elite Breeder

From experience, you & I know that it takes the highest quality of nutrition to raise healthy, happy puppies that thrive and are a credit to your kennel.

With Vonziu Elite you can be assured that you will be providing the very, very best sources of Biologically Appropriate nutrition to your puppies.

We breed VA1 World Championship Bloodlined German Shepherds from our kennels at Lincolnshire, England. Our puppies are only fed the "Elite" food.


We know what it takes! With over 25years of experience in breeding and feeding puppies and producing champions worldwide.

This food works, without exception!

Feed to your dam from the moment the breeding takes place until the day the puppies leave you. The puppies should remain on this food until 24 months of age. Thus ensuring the essential nutrients for the most crucial growth period of your dog's life.

Offered to breeders and canine professionals.

Our Professional Feeding Program provides substantial savings to qualified members.

Benefits of the Vonziu Elite Professional Feeding Program;

* Substantial Savings on recommended retail price.
* Free Next Day Delivery, or delivery on the day of your choice. You choose when you want your food delivered.
* Earn monetary rewards additionally with our unique on going "Elite Incentive".

Possible Sponsorship – Please contact us to discuss.

Earn Extra Income – From your existing clients. Without ever having to do a thing! Absolutely NOTHING. From your existing puppy owners.

Please register to find out how you can be enhancing your income and profitability.

Take a moment to tell us about yourself, if you are a registered breeder, kennel operator or canine professional that's all it takes to qualify for the incentive program.


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Please register to find out how you can be enhancing your income, profitability and our price incentives.
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If you have any initial queries.

Please contact us

Telephone : 0 3333 5555 20    International : 0044 3333 5555 20

Email : EliteBreeder@vonziuelite.com


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