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Hildur Palsdottir and  Vonziu's Asynja (Iceland).

In 2013 I had been searching the web for a long time for the right breeder, after a long time I stumbled on Vonziu's webpages and contacted the breeder Jay, he answered me quickly and answered every question I had and sent me tons of photo of his dogs and some of the puppies he had, I liked everything about the Vonziu Kennel, so I decided to buy a puppy from Jay.

Since I live in Iceland Jay choose the puppy for me and took it tons of times to the vet's to get her vaccinations (we have a really strict import policy), she had to stay with him until she was 5 months old and every week he sent me an update and new pictures of the puppy, all of the work that had to be done was on his side all I had to do was to send in some paper work, very few breeders would have done the same (I know I had spoken to many). In May 2014 we flew to the UK to pick up our new puppy, both Jay and Ann-Marie were wonderful they helped arrange everything, and the puppy we named Ynja was everything we had hoped her to be. After a few days stay in Cardiff we flew home with Ynja. She had to go to quarantine for 30 days after we got home. After long 30 days we finally had our puppy home.

Ynja has been to 3 dog show's here in Iceland, once as a puppy and twice as a junior. In puppy class she was best puppy of breed 6-9 months old and 4 BIS puppy. And the both times she competed in junior class (11 months and 14 months) she became first in her class and 3 best bitch of breed the both times (out of 20 or more bitches).

She is also a happy worker and very easy trainable. We are competing in obedience and she was awarded for being the highest scored dog in 2014. She is also being trained as a search and rescue dog and she finished her first test now in March 2015 and is doing very well. I could not have gotten a better dog, she's easy going, playful and kind. I would recommend Vonziu to anyone who is looking for a puppy/dog, you won't be disappointed.

Ynja got her second first grade in ob2, the test was inside at the same time as the junior handling and the puppy show. So a lot of people and dogs. And we got a TV interview for being the first dog in Iceland to get the "golden mark" a golden medal you get in ob2 if you get first grade and above 5 in all the exercises.

Show :
06.09.14 - BOB puppy 6 - 9 months also 4 BIS Puppy 6-9 months old.
08.11.14 - Excellent, CK and CAC. 3rd. best bitch of breed.
01.03.15 - Excellent, CK and 3.rd best bitch of breed.

Working results :
Obedience "Brons" - Highest scoring dog all breeds in 2014.
Obedience 1 - 3x first place and first grade.
Got the title OB-1.

OB-1 Vonziu's Asynja.

Finished her first test in avalanche.

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