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Elite VIP

The dictionary definition of VIP is;
A person of great importance or influence, especially a dignitary who commands special treatment.

A very important person (VIP) is a person who is accorded special privileges due to his or her status or importance. We want to change this! Examples include celebrities, heads of state or heads of government, other politicians, major employers, high rollers, high-level corporate officers, wealthy individuals, or any other notable person who receives special treatment for any reason. The special treatment usually involves separation from common people, and a higher level of comfort or service.

BUT to Vonziu Elite ALL of our customers are VIP's in our eyes.

We want to recognise this by dedicating this web page to you, the most important part of our business; you the customer, but more importantly you and your Champion !!

So please send in your stories and pictures about you, your Champion and Vonziu Elite.


Vonziu's Murphy (2013) & Vonziu's Harper (2015)

Our first Vonziu was bought for my mother and father as a surprise Christmas present. Murphy is a very special dog, one you could say one in a million, he grew up with my two young sons, and my older collie and you could almost say he is always smiling himself. Murphy is well socialized with people, dogs and horses! He adores children and is naturally very gentle, his agility coincides with his love of the outdoors, but he also loves lounging in bed on Sundays curled up on the end of the bed! I enjoyed having Murphy in my life so much, that when i moved out, the first on my list was a Vonziu!

Harper joined us this summer, and WOW - the bloodlines clearly show some similarities, gentle, loyal attractive manner, easy to train, and agile. Harper was our first female in the family, and she is such a wonderful dog to own. Watching Murphy and Harper play together is outstanding, and we are proud to say Vonziu No. 3 is on the cards for my sisters Birthday present, and No. 4 will be joining us next year.

Owning a Vonziu is a decision i will never have to think twice about. Jay and his family love to be kept informed of their dogs progress, they truly love what they do and they regularly comment on posts or photos on Facebook.

We also feed our dogs Vonziu Elite, it is fairly priced and my dogs love it. My Malamute puppy, aka Harper's Sister! is also feeding on it and my older collie is on the senior version, it quick and easy to order and I've had no issues with feeding it to any of my dogs, in fact they enjoy the food that much i use them as training treats too!


Food is an integral part of having a healthy dog and VonZiuElite food gives us that. We have had our bear on VonziuElite complete puppy food since we collected him and he is thriving on it and wouldn't use any other food for him, he has a very glossy coat and is a very healthy 36kg at the age of 11 months.

Life is complete with our bear in our lives and we thank you both for letting us have one of your bears come to live with us.

Debbie and Dave Nelson & our bear

Our wonderful pup has eaten nothing but VonziuElite food and has bright eyes, a great coat and most of all eats the bowl in a very eager fashion! He does very well on it and we feed him very little extra other than the kibble.

We do buy the best kibble that Jay and the team sell but it's not over priced compared to what's being sold elsewhere! Let's be honest you do get what you pay for but this food is a great buy and cheaper than many others

This is our pup at about 6 months old he's now over 16 months and has still got a really great coat and sparkly eyes ! See no reason to change a happy dog on a winning food.

Best Wishes
Paul & Kerry Eastwood and most importantly Kaiser.

We have been feeding our puppy Sonny VonziuElite food since he came to us at 8 weeks old.

He is in great physical shape and seems to be getting all the right balance of vitamins and nutrients he needs.

We will be keeping on this food and have already re ordered for the future.

You only need to look at how healthy your own dogs are to see this testament.

Simon & Patsy Hill

I have had several German Shepherds and when I picked my latest from Vonziu Kennels I was so impressed with the quality of the dogs that I had to give the Vonziu dog food a go as well. I have always fed my dogs the best quality food but I have found that Vonziu is as good as any brand I have previously used and costs considerably less than the previous brand.

Mr Eddie Reed

"I would like to say a big thank-you from both of us and especially Kooks. He loves the taste of the food and ensures to always leave an empty clean licked bowl. The food is great putting all dogs' health first with Kooks being a healthy fit dog with lovely shiny and soft fur. Thanks for making a quality and affordable product. I really appreciate it, and so does Kooks."

Michelle Harris

Vonziu German Shepherds; The World Renowned Kennel ONLY feed Vonziu Elite!


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