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Sponsorship of Your Event or You and YOUR Dog - Guidelines and Advice

"We help you Go Further"
For us sponsorship is a two way street.

Sometimes that means we send you free stuff or come and support your event.

More commonly we can offer a great deal of exposure for your cause and help out with a bit of discount.

The best way to ask for sponsorship is to be clear about what you want and why.

What products or help you require?

What are you going to do with it and why?

Two things to remember though, keep it short and donít be greedy.

Asking for sponsorship is a bit like a job application, youíve got about 30 seconds before we would rather be out running our dogs or we start to yawn.

We sponsor where ever possible, we will help with 100% of your applications.

Facts and figures help, as does examples of what you have done.

So unless you put in the leg work, then we aren't going to be able to help. This means that you can't just send us your standard mail out, we were always put off by them anyway but now it's definitely a turn off. Far better to think if there is any synergy between what you are trying to do and who we are. If there isn't then you might just as well save yourself the cost of a stamp.

We are now getting so many requests that we thought we would put together some advice to anyone making a request. This is a change from the past where we looked at all comers, but after five years we have started to get a feel for what works best for us. The better it works for us the more we can help out, so we think this is the right way to go.

We sponsor very few people individually and none of them have a contract or a promo deal in place, they just pop in for coffee or give us a call and we do our best to help out with what they are up to next.

There are no rules to who we sponsor apart from we have to like you and you have to like us.

Application for sponsorship

These are a just a few guidelines, tips or pointers to anyone applying for sponsorship. It isn't meant to be an exhaustive list, but could help any application.

What do you want?
Be specific, don't just ask us to sponsor you without telling us what you need. If we can't sponsor you with free kit then we may be able to offer out something on loan from our gear pool, or have some prototype food for testing. So the more you can tell us about what you are after the better.

Just because what you're doing isn't the hardest or the longest, it doesn't mean it won't be interesting if you have the personality and imagination to pull it off.

If you are used to writing things up and, better still, posting it up on the web then that's a good start. Blogs and Vlogs are an ideal way of us getting regular material to show our customers and increase awareness of Vonziu Elite.

The web gives us amazing opportunities to tell a story, this could be a slideshow, spoken word, video diaries, even live casting

Tell the story
We are not after a boring trip report, our customers range from teenagers just getting into puppies and dogs to oldies up for a good time.

Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, how can it be used for your event or sponsorship.

Camera friendly
We're not saying that you have to be photogenic but not being shy in front of the camera will help get good photos of you in action.

It's all subjective stuff, but getting good shots is an important part of conveying a feeling for the trip, inspiring others and showing gear in use.

Be sociable
If you are sociable and outgoing not only does it help you tell your story, it helps to get it in the first place.

No 'Sirs' or generic group mails
Each company is different, has a different 'style' and some even have individuals with a personality.

The next step up from us sponsoring a single activity is to become part of the team. This is the toughest challenge and will often develop organically if we can all get along.

And if you're not alone...

If you're a group off on an expedition with your dogs, whether for education, research, aid or a challenge, then we would love to hear from you.

We may be able to offer discount, or prototype products for testing, but we would expect you to provide us with interesting and informative trip or event reports about what you were doing and why. Not only does it help us to add content to our site and give people something interesting to read, it will also help to generate increased publicity for your research/cause. So all the points above are just as valid.

Events, shows and stuff like that.

If you have a cool event especially if it is small and grass roots level, but even if it big and corporate then we certainly like to know about it and maybe even get involved.

Over the years we have stood in cold muddy fields, run gameshows and occasionally gone into full retail mode. So don't count us out for anything. Our rough rule of thumb for retailing is to have about a 1000 people attend the event but we will happily come to smaller event if all it takes is a boot full of stuff and couple of us come over.

If we are not able to attend then we may be able to offer prizes or get one of our sponsored dogs / people to do a lecture. All we ask in return is some form of acknowledgement. Clickable links, banner ads are great on a website, as is a logo on the event t-shirt or a shout out during the prize giving.

Many thanks and Good luck!

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