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Vonziu Elite today reported that their Elite brand of puppy and adult canine sustenance, an inventive Ancestral Feed,Elite dog food UK, exceptionally outlined and developed by the proprietors of World Championship Winning Blood Lined Kennel Vonziu. Our Elite food enables consumers to feed a variety of meals in a healthier way for their canine Champion. Now available in more than 115 countries. Vonziu Elite with a rapidly growing percentage share of the global market for ‘Elite’ canine feeds has confirmed that their ambition is to be the world’s No1 Elite Canine nutritional brand, whilst gaining a formidable market share in the UK.

First launched in the UK, then France and the Netherlands at the end of 2011, and most recently in North America and Japan, Vonziu Elite is now a truly global proposition, and is no longer just "dog food online UK".

"The Vonziu Elite range is a great example of how we are driving consumer growth, by taking global innovations and bringing them to market in a way that is highly relevant for local consumers,” said Vonziu Elite founder Ms Ann-Marie Dean CEO of Brand Development. "Eating healthier for puppies and adult dogs is an important lifestyle trend that transcends markets and with our Elite range of feeds, we are empowering millions of consumers to make healthier choices every day for their companion.”

Vonziu Elite Puppy and Adult food is driving growth in the Elite Dog food market, by approaching global propositions from the perspective of the local consumer and their need for Vonziu Elite dog food. Through in-depth consumer interaction, we identified key needs of the canine of today that can be delivered by Vonziu Elite.


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