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With all of the hundreds of dog foods on the market some of you must be wondering, "Why make another dog food?" That is a fair question, at least before examining it in further detail. Most breeders, trainers, kennel operators and even the average pet owner would admit to going from one dog food to another, trying this diet and then that diet, never completely happy with any of them.

One food may give good results for a while but then the condition of the dog fades to mediocrity or worse after only several months. Also, pets fed most "natural" foods produce large stool volume, do not maintain weight, have poor coat quality, yet have a shiny coat and usually display less allergy symptoms. Dogs fed well known commercial super premium foods seem to produce good coat growth, maintain weight, produce little stool volume etc., and yet have a little less shine to their coats. However, they seem to display more dermatologic distress and the foods have less expensive ingredients.

Below, we shall try to examine why this may be.

If one were to talk to one hundred people and ask them "what is the best way to make a dog food”, they would probably get one hundred different answers. My own experience with selling and using dog food showed me that certain combinations seemed to work better than others. For example, when I first started in this business, I started off feeding and selling a well-known dog food using multiple carb sources versus one or two and the use of flax and fish for the omega-3s. However, many customers said their dogs were losing weight on this food we noticed it too. We quickly realised that by putting our dogs on this company's puppy food, the dogs looked much better.

I also noticed that years ago, more breeders used the original formula of a dog food that originates from the UK (at least until they were bought out by a large multinational company) for their puppies than anything else. The breeders then switched back to whatever food they liked because they thought it was too high in protein, but they swore by it for their puppies.

I also fed raw and had my butcher mix beef, heart, thymus, pancreas, tripe coupling this with good meaty bones.

The common denominator was that foods that contained a lot of animal based protein, or performance or puppy versions of some dog foods, seemed to get better results than maintenance or "lite" versions, or most commercial grain based foods.

Let us investigate this further. Most commercial dog foods, because of cost considerations, are made predominantly from wheat flour, corn meal or white rice. Another reason for this is that refined flours are high in starch. In the extrusion process, the starches are gelatinised so that they may be digested. The greater the gelatinisation, the greater the digestibility. All things being equal, the more starch, the greater the overall digestibility of the food. As with most things in this world, that depends. This only applies to the grains or flours in a formula. We have made our food a little differently. We use high levels of a high quality chicken that is already very digestible, as are the fats and oils. A high level of starch in a formula does bind the food together nicely, but contributes little in the way of nutrition.

With that said, what refined flours contribute to a formula nutritionally are mostly just carbohydrates. They are lacking in vitamins and minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids. Whole grains have many times the vitamins and minerals but are still not as concentrated as animal based foods. An herbivore, with its multiple compartment stomach specially designed to extract nutrients from plant matter, eats grasses, grains and seeds. The vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are then concentrated in its flesh and organs.

Extremely High Quality Chicken is high in amino acids, essential fatty acids, calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese and vitamins. Fats and oils supply essential fatty acids as well as some vitamins. Refined flours supply only carbohydrates.

Not only must there be enough vitamins and minerals, but the amount of balanced nutrients must be correct. For example, the higher the level of omega-6 essential fatty acids, the higher the level of vitamin E. The higher the fat, the higher the protein. Copper and manganese, copper and zinc, zinc and magnesium, zinc and vitamin E, as well as other nutrients, must all be present in the correct ratios.

The other part of the equation is the packaging, the use of quality expensive ingredients, probiotics, digestive enzymes, herbs, seeds and unrefined oils are a waste of time unless the packaging keeps the product totally fresh.

There are a number of unique foods on the market which use high levels of animal based protein or use foil barrier packaging, or have innovative ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, probiotics or seeds, but which also seem to be lacking in some manner.

No one has brought everything together!

Why not combine all of the best properties and eliminate the weaknesses?

Why not make a formula that is carnivore specific with high levels of animal based amino acids?

Why not make a food with expensive high quality ingredients but that goes against the grain (no pun intended) of the industry in the way it is made?

Finally, why not make a formula with all of these traits included, but make it concentrated and nutrient dense so that you feed less?

We feel that with the Vonziu Elite, that has been accomplished!

Think of Vonziu Elite foods as carnivore specific, ultra-concentrated Elite performance formulas.

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