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The taste and smell of food is crucially important to your pet. It's the reason why dogs salivate at the family dinner table. To our family companions, human food tastes and smells good. It scores high in palatability-that elusive quality that makes the taste, smell and texture of food pleasing to the palate.

Vonziu Elite understands this basic fact, and we pour a great deal of time, money and effort into making our diets more appealing to the senses. Unfortunately, some pet food manufacturers take a backward approach. Instead of relying on healthy, naturally flavourful ingredients, they formulate their products with inferior ingredients and add artificial taste enhancers to compensate. The food may taste good, but it's loaded with cheap grain fillers and animal by-products that ultimately deprive your pet of the essential nutrients needed for optimal health. With bland ingredients like corn and wheat gluten, it's no wonder these foods have to rely on chemical additives to be palatable.

Chemical additives not only cover up the taste of the food, they carry potential health risks too. Artificial flavourings such as monosodium glutamate and propylene glycol have been linked to allergies and adverse health effects in both humans and animals.

The plain truth is that no chemical can substitute for the savoury taste of real meat protein.

Vonziu Elite formulas rely on higher levels of fresh meats for flavour. Our meats are derived from animals raised for human consumption. The end result is a concentrated source of protein that is both healthy and mouth-watering. Our fresh meats are sourced from trusted suppliers.

Vonziu Elite formulas contain everything your pet needs for a balanced diet. Please visit our Testimonials page to see what our many satisfied customers are saying about us.

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