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Vonziu Elite

Ten amino acids. Twelve basic minerals. Eleven vitamins. And two kinds of fatty acids. That’s not to mention the many different forms of Protein and Fats that can be used to produce your dog’s food.

Phew! No question about it… there certainly are plenty of canine nutrients to think about.

What’s more… each and every one of them is considered absolutely essential… and must be present in the correct amounts… and the right proportions… in every dog food… to help keep your pet free of disease and meeting their specific nutritional requirements.

So, how can you be sure a particular product meets some kind of minimum dog food nutrition standards?

Well you don’t have to, our team of licenced veterinarian’s and nutritionist have done the job for you.

Elite Certified, Licensed Veterinarian’s & Nutritionists

Our Veterinarian’s & Nutritionists have studied nutrition and all of its specialties along with animal welfare. This training and education enables Vonziu Elite to stay at the forefront of canine nutrition and provide your champion with the exact nutrition they require.

  • Evaluating a client’s nutritional needs. Providing nutritional food and advice to clients.
  • Creating clinically prepared nutritional food.
  • Educating dog owners on the true benefits of specifically tailored Elite food.
  • Constantly working with a team of veterinarian practitioners on nutritional management so Vonziu Elite stay at the cutting edge of canine nutrition.

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