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An Elite Product



Elite Puppy

Ultra High Quality Chicken Protein 80% minimum; Proteins are the building blocks of dog nutrition. They are one of the most important nutrients in the diet.

  • DHA from Omega rich fish oil for brain and visual development.
  • Minerals; crucial for skeletal and neurological development.
  • Calcium; intake is particularly important during the growth and suckling stages of young puppies. Approximately 99% of the bodyís calcium is stored in your puppyís bones. It is responsible for making a strong skeletal structure and supports the transfer of information between cells and sensory impulses.

£49.99             10 KG

Free 24-48 Hr Delivery and choose your delivery day at checkout

Highest Quality Ingredients  =  Elite Results

Guaranteed Analysis  =  Elite Results

Vonziu Elite; Formulating canine diets with one mission in mind GUARANTEED SPECIALIST nutrition that only an Elite totally complete food can provide for your dog.

Our Promise To You - to ensure our specialist food meets your Championís most stringent nutritional requirements and provides the ultimate in fitness levels, health and vitality.

QUALITY : Exceeding all manufacturing and nutritional standards
SCIENCE : Ingredients proven to deliver precise and efficacious benefits
KNOWLEDGE : Worldwide network involving all aspects of health and well-being
TRUST : Products you can rely on to deliver your goals 

So whether your dog is a well-loved Family Member, future Sporting World Champion, going to be Your Partner for a hard dayís work or Sporting Duo we know that their health and happiness is important to you and that means they are of the utmost importance to Vonziu Elite.

Vonziu Elite would like to thank you for your continued support and promise to deliver upon our commitment in providing innovative and market leading products at an affordable price.


Directions for use

  • Vonziu Elite Puppy can FIRST be introduced as a porridge from 2 weeks of age (mix 1 part Vonziu Elite Puppy and 3 parts warm water to soak before blending to a porridge consistency).

    Put down 4-8 meals per day for approximately 20 minutes at a time. Initially coating your fingers with the food and placing it into the puppyís mouth if required.

    If the puppies empty the bowl of porridge, gradually increase the amount for the next meal until weaning is complete. Alternatively if the puppy accepts the food dry gradually increase the amount for the next meal until weaning is complete.  

    Post weaning at 8 weeks of age and for new puppy owners, follow the daily feeding guide. Feeding 3-8 meals a day depending on your lifestyle. Either dry or moistened with water.

    When introducing your new puppy to your home environment for the first time, please allow them time to adjust. Wherever possible gradually introduce Vonziu Elite to your new puppy. Always ensure there is a constant supply of fresh cold water for your puppy to drink.



    Adult Size

    Puppyís Age 2 weeks Ė 8 weeks

    8-16 weeks

    4-6 months

    6-8 months

    9-11 months

    12-24 months

    Small Breed 20-35kg

    Feed to appetite

    Feed to appetite





    Medium Breed 35-45kg







    Large Breed 45-60kg







    Giant Breed 60+ kg







    Your puppyís requirements may vary depending upon breed, size, age and activity levels. If you are ever unsure of your puppyís development please contact your veterinarian for advice.

    When your Vonziu Elite Puppy food is not in use reseal and store in a cool dry place.


Feeding Your Dam From Mating and Through Lactation

For conscientious dog breeders, the challenge is to provide nutrition for the dam that will allow her to not only feed her puppies, but also to maintain her own condition.

Failure to consume colostrum during the critical period when the intestine is open to intact protein absorption seriously compromise the immune status of the neonatal puppy.

Most dog breeders are unaware that a medium sized bitch will need to produce over 1.2 litres of milk per day for the puppies to grow and be healthy. Your puppies are initially totally dependent on their mother's milk for nutrition and hydration. Your dam needs to be on a FEED TO APPETITE diet.

Feed Vonziu Elite Puppy on a FEED TO APPETITE diet from the date of mating until the pups are aged at least 8 weeks.

Vonziu Elite Puppy has very high energy levels in a dense, highly-digestible and palatable matrix. Our food uses fat as the primary energy source. Since fat has over twice the calories per gram as carbohydrates, this allows the nursing mother to get large quantities of energy in a few bites of food.


"As a trainer of certified assistance animals tasked with ensuring the performance and acuity of these animals before they are assigned to persons with disabilities, the selection of dog food is a high priority for me. Once I started feeding these dogs Vonziu, I knew Iíd never buy another brand of dogfood again. I canít say enough about the nutrition and the performance of these animals using this product. I highly recommend it. "

Mike S., Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

"Our family has had dogs as part of our family for our whole lives and have probably purchased most of the top brands of dog food in the market over the years. We tried out Vonziu with our new puppy, Rufus and couldnít believe the results. He has boundless energy, and is growing like weíve never seen before. And he never fails to finish a meal. He canít get enough! "

Betty H., Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA

"When I first got my dog at four months old, I struggled to get her to eat. I tried many of the popular brands and sought out recommendations from pet stores and nothing seemed to work. She was a very picky eater. Thatís when I discovered Vonziu Elite Puppy and tried it out. She immediately took to it. This product is great. "

Kieran W., Cork, Ireland

"I was confused by all the hype when I first got my dog. Each one promising to outperform the next at the best price possible. Behind all the rhetoric, for me it simply came down to what product my dog preferred. I appreciate Vonziu for the nutrition thatís packed in there, Archie loves it for the taste. Itís a win-win. Thereís no other product like it that Iíve seen. "

Robbie B., Liverpool, England

"It was a nightmare for me. My kids were excited about getting a dog and when our puppy arrived we soon discovered that he had a food allergy. We werenít sure what to do until we discovered Vonziu. Our pet his healthy, happy and active and is probably the only one in our household that still has energy left after the kids have run out of gas. Thanks Vonziu. "

Sven K., Konstanz, Germany

"I donít gamble on the health of my dogs, so when a friend of mine suggested Vonziu I first told her that I already had a brand that I had been using for several years and was reluctant to switch. But when I saw the results that she was getting with her dogs, I was convinced to switch from my brand of choice. Long story short, I have switched companies. Vonziu is the best dog food Iíve ever seen for elite performance. Take my word for it, you want to get this stuff. "

Carlos M., Freixiel, Portugal

"When you have a team of eight sled dogs, you quickly separate the contenders from the pretenders when it comes to high performance nutrition to generate the best results in competition. Our award winning team is fed only the best from the time that their weaned and for us, the product that has led to more winning races is Vonziu Elite. "

Aleaxandre B., Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada

"Dog lovers have very distinguishing tastes when it comes to their pets and as a dog breeder we take the development of our dogs very seriously. We want to see healthy, active dogs who are going to appeal to our clientele. We were early adopters of Vonziu when it came on the market and not only do we use it at our kennel, we encourage our customers to use this line of products as well in the care of their pets when they take them home. "

Terry F., Amarillo, Texas, USA

"When I first started buying Vonziu Elite, it was out of an interest to shop local. But when I saw the difference that it made with my pups, thatís when I started to tell my friends and family about it and now theyíre loyal Vonziu customers too. "

Peter S., Grantham, Lincolnshire, England

"Sometimes Iíve wondered if the dog food that I buy really matters to my cocker spaniel, Askim. I found out recently just how much. I was sitting at the kitchen table writing out my grocery list and Askim was sitting at my feet, trying to get my attention. I told him, Iím making a shopping list, weíve got to go to the store and get your dinner. He left, went to the pantry and came back carrying the near empty bag of Vonziu in his mouth, tail wagging at full speed. I guess it does matter to Askim whatís on the dinner menu. In our house, itís Vonziu or nothing. "

Laura C., Modesto, California, USA

"I visited the Vonziu website and while I was interested in the product, I as the owner of an older dog, I wasnít sure that it would benefit my pet to change dogfood brands at that stage in her life. I took a chance though and purchased Vonziu Elite Mature and even I saw a little more pep in her step after just a week. She is now more active than I can ever remember. Too bad there isnít a Vonziu equivalent for old fellas like me. I need to be able to keep up! "

Mike R., Troutdale, Oregon, USA

"We live in a small apartment in a large city, so find ways to keep our dog active and healthy while juggling work schedules and commitments is a tough one for us. We try to get out and make sure that Fonzie gets plenty of exercise, but we know that we donít get out there as much as weíd like to. So making sure that weíre feeding him the right stuff to aid in that health is very important to us. We went with Vonziu Elite Pro1 and weíve seen the benefits of that nutrition. When he hears the key in the lock, heís ready at the door, tail wagging with his leash ready at his feet, to get out there for some fresh air and activity. "

Pat B., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

"Not many people realize how much time is spent to train and develop police dogs. We work with these animals from birth to develop their skills and instincts and that is a 24 hour a day commitment. We canít afford to get it wrong, so every facet of development is looked at Ė training time, free play and of course their nutrition. For these elite animals, no other product has done what we have seen from Vonziu at all stages of development, and the dogs love it. "

Alice P., Huesca, Cataluna, Spain

"This is the first time that I have been so impressed by a pet food that I had to write about it. Iím not a writer but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Vonziu. Since I first brought it home, my golden Labrador has been nearly obsessed with it. I canít leave the bag in a spot where he can get at it or heíll gobble it up. If he could give a review, Iím sure heíd say Ė four paws up for Vonziu Elite. "

Jenny K., Lynden, Washington, USA

"People rely on us in the very worst circumstances of their lives so we need to be able to deliver. As a mountain search and rescue team, we train hard and ensure that our equipment is well maintained. For our search and rescue dogs, which often make the difference between a successful discovery in an avalanche situation, we need to make sure that they perform or they can inhibit our efforts atop the mountain. For our team, Vonziu ancestral feeds is our brand of choice to ensure that these animals apply their training with their natural instincts and we end the day without loss of life. "

Claudio C, Berne, Switzerland

"I pride myself on blue ribbon performance whenever I enter a dog in competition. Whether at a show or a field event, the competition gets stiffer every year, so I look for any advantage that I can to ensure that my dogs will stand out from the crowd. I started incorporating Vonziu Elite as part of our diet plan and have seen remarkable results. Itís become a bit of a trade secret that I only share with close friends and try to keep away from my rivals. "

Eugene L., Spruce Pine, North Carolina, USA

"When my puppy showed signs of delayed development, my vet suggested that I change up his diet and see if that made a difference. He didnít seem to be adapting to the food that the other dogs were eating. I switched to Vonziu and watched him start to blossom right before my very eyes. Now my biggest challenge is keeping the older dogs out of his food bowl, Iíll be switching to Vonziu Elite for all of my dogs this year. "

Dan B., St. Johnís, Newfoundland, Canada

"I rely heavily on my dogs in my business. We had a lot of problems with theft in our neighborhood and no amount of fencing or locks seemed to deter them. We decided to get a couple guard dogs to keep an eye on things for us during our off hours and try to reduce the losses we were experiencing. We saw an immediate reduction in the number of unauthorized people off our property. Theyíve proven to be worth their weight in gold, and I make sure that they are fed the best Ė Vonziu Elite. "

Marty S., Flint, Michigan, USA

"I used to get to sleep in on Saturdays. That changed when I switched to Vonziu Elite not that long ago. Before Vonziu, my dog didnít get too enthusiastic about meal time and would often lay on the mat at the foot of the bed and patiently wait for signs of motion before jumping onto the bed and offering some affection to start the day. Since switching to Vonziu, heís now so excited about breakfast that heís up with the sun and Iím greeted with a wet nose on my cheek as though heís asking me ĎIs it time for breakfast yet, we gotta get movingí. "

Fergal D., Ayr, Scotland

"If youíre not a dog person, youíll never understand but your dog can tell the difference between quality and bargain food. For mine, whenever I have cheaped out to save a few dollars, she would bust me every time, sniffing at the bowl tentatively and then looking up at me as though waiting for a punch line on a practical joke. She might come back and nibble at it, but more often than not, my penny pinching was wasted as I looked for an alternative that was more acceptable. Iíve not had that problem since switching to Vonziu. For my money, itís the very elite in the dog food market. "

Cathy J., Ballylagan, Northern Ireland

"My three best friends and I are all dog owners and we love our dogs. We seldom agree on anything Ė the best training techniques, the best brands of toys or pet care supplies, but one thing we do find consensus on is Vonziu. We all buy it for our dogs and they love it. We would recommend Vonziu Elite to anyone. "

Gisele S., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"I donít like change so convincing me to change brands is not an easy sell. But my wife convinced me to try out Vonziu Elite for our dogs. It was a good change for us Ė but if I have my way, it will be the last. "

Robert P., Newcastle

"Iíve never felt so strongly about a product before that I wanted to leave feedback but this is a shout out to the folks at Vonziu. We love your product. Keep doing what youíre doing. "

Sandra D., Nottingham

"Simply put, my dogs love the product and I love the price. Vonziu is a staple in our home. "

Darren M., Blackpool

"I rely on my dog. Since I lost my hearing, I rely on my service dog to make life livable and keep me from being a shut in. Iím happy to be able to bring as much joy to him as I see whenever I grab the bag of Vonziu from the pantry. "

Geoff F., Pickering

"I expect the same performance out of my dogs as I do from myself. Nothing less than 100%. But you canít get 100% out if you donít put 100% in. Vonziu is 100% and is the only food that I trust for my dogs. "

William W., Gloucester

"Before Vonziu Elite, I never really had any expectation of dog food. I bought it, but there was nothing really to distinguish one as being better than the other. Vonziu has set the bar high and now I know the standard against which all other pet food should be measured. "

Andy L., Ipswich

"Given the choice of wieners or steak, I think most would pick steak. The choice between most dogfoods and Vonziu ... Vonziu is the steak of dog food. "

Mel C., Swindon

"When people bring their dogs to us, they expect the best. The best care, the best facilities and also that we are going to make sure that they maintain a healthy diet with the best menu possible. For us that includes the Vonziu line almost exclusively. "

Hazel N., Wolverhampton

"I wish my dog could talk, because then she could tell you herself why we buy Vonziu Elite over every other option on the market. Wouldnít that remove all doubt coming straight from the one who eats it? "

Jamie C., Luton

"When I started my dog walking business, I never really thought about keeping a supply of dog food on hand. I always left that with the pet owners, until one day when I had to bring one home with me when the owner was delayed. I took the wee lass with me to the market and she practically pulled me off balance to get at Vonziu. My choice was made for me and now I recommend it to all my clients. "

Nancy S., Margate

"Blindfold your dog and put out Vonziu and any other brand you want. I would bet money that the dog will pick Vonziu every time ... at least thatís been my experience. "

Terry B., Poole

"I knew that Vonziu Ancestral Feeds was great for dogs and thatís why I bought it. But I didnít expect that Iíd have to keep an eye out for the cat trying to steal the dogís food, too. "

Jerry L., Coventry

"Itís a battle when it comes to feeding time. Before I can even tip the bag to poor it into the dog dish, my shepherd has her head right in the bag as if she just wants me to poor it down her gullet. I guess thatís a good sign, but itís not anything I had to deal with before I switched to Vonziu for my dog. "

Emily A., Leeds

"I came home to a heck of a mess one Saturday. I guess I forgot to close the door after getting my coat to head out for a walk and the dogs got in there and got at the dog food. They dragged that bag right out into the kitchen and it was a free for all. Bits of that bag and whatever dogfood they hadnít scarfed up on their feeding frenzy was everywhere. Safe to say, they REALLY favor Vonziu. "

Drew M., Cardiff

"I donít even look at price. For me, the value comes from quality and thatís what I get from Vonziu Elite. Iíd buy that stuff at any price for the quality that I get for my dog. "

Charity L., Cheltenham

"I used to take my dog with me to football practice until he got too bold and started to get after the ball. He was doing the same at home too and I donít know how many I went through before I switched to Vonziu. I canít explain it, but he stopped tearing up my balls after that Ė just tore into his dish at meal times. "

James S., Warrington

"My daughter was confused when she opened her parcels on Christmas morning. We frequently exchange gag gifts, so when she unwrapped a bag of Vonziu she thought we were having a laugh at her expense. She was sure surprised when she got to the big parcel in the back and opened the carrier with her new spaniel. She named that dog Vonziu. "

Jubilee N., Hull

"With every passing visit to the vet, he canít believe it that my terrier continues to defy his age. He canít explain it, but I believe it has to be Vonziu Elite that is making the difference. My old dog is still as youthful as a pup. "

Frank C., Ipswich

"No, I donít think you could convince me to try another type of dog food. Not even if you gave me a free bag to try. Iím a Vonziu guy and itís the old brand Iíll feed my dogs. "

Winston F., Wigan

"Youíre getting a dog? Thereís only one brand you need to know Vonziu. End of story. You can thank me later. "

Joe R., Maidstone

"The competition is fierce at the track and with the investors expecting to see results from their animals throughout the race season, I am always assessing the latest products on the market for any edge that I can create for the dogs that I train. Since switching to Vonziu, we have seen more champions from our kennel in a single season that I can remember in recent years. The training program is the same, so I have to attribute some of this success to the nutrition that the animals are getting with Vonziu ancestral feeds. Iíve seen the results and Iím sure you will too. "

Edwin N., Coventry

"It is heartbreaking to see the number of dogs that end up in the shelter annually and are never claimed. While some would dictate that we provide our services and cut corners on costs at every opportunity, the one component of our care that Iím not willing to offer compromise is in the area of the food that we provide to our dogs. If there is a chance that we can place these animals in to a home, when families come to our facility, they need to see lively dogs, not listless animals. Vonziu is a staple of the diet offered in our animal shelter and while we still have more animals than good homes for them, we know that while they are in our care, they are getting the best that we can provide for them. "

Finn B., Inverness

"Our story begins five years ago when our son Jason was diagnosed with autism shortly after birth. It was a rough year for our family as we learned to adjust to a new daily routine and it was frustrating that we could not connect on a substantive level with our son. He did respond well to music therapy, but we still felt that there was something missing Ė that he didnít have a connection to us and though he couldnít communicate, that he was as frustrated as we were. At the recommendation of our family doctor, we brought home a rescue dog for Jason. The connection was immediate. Both the dog and Jason made an immediate connection and they have quickly become inseparable companions. Itís hard to remember what life was like before our dog came into our home and we want to ensure that this relationship is one that they both enjoy for many years. We have made Vonziu a staple of our petís menu based on its advertised focus for high performing animals. Weíre hopeful for a long and healthy life for our pet (and Jasonís new best friend). "

Tracy G., London

"When clients come through the door, they are looking for dogs with blue ribbon potential. For those experienced dog owners, they are educated consumers and they know what they want. We start all of our puppies out with Vonziu and we have seen great results in client satisfaction from every breed of dog that has left our facility for placement in a home. As a breeder, we make our investment in our dogs from birth and we can attest to the quality of this product. Thank you Vonziu. "

George C., Ayrshire

"When we had to put down our dog Smoky after a few months of declining health and a growing number of issues related to her joints, her eyesight and other problems which caused a rapid degeneration of her ability to get through the day, I was convinced that weíd never own another dog again. But we felt the loss every day in our home. After a year, my husband surprised me on my birthday with a new puppy. With the loss still fresh, we asked our vet for advice about what dog food we should use to try to pro-actively prevent the issues that we watched Smoky suffer through helplessly during her final months. Our vet recommended Vonziu and weíve not looked back since. Our new pug Cinder has checked out well with each successive visit to the vet and our home is now alive with the patter of little paws. "

Hazel L., Donegal

"Weíve tried everything over the years. Quite simply, Vonziu is the best product for the money that weíve ever put in our dogís food dish. Try it. Youíll love it too. "

Horace N., Kilkenny

"Iíve had a dog at my side every day of my life Ė sometimes two or three. I rely on my dog to help me tend to the flock and protect our livestock from any losses. Itís an important job, and I know that heís out there in those pastures long after Iíve moved on to other tasks. The value I get out of this working animal cannot be underestimated. His reward Ė Vonziu. Thereís nothing less that I would feed this dog. Heís my right hand in the fields and all around the farm. "

Sheamus B., Clonakilty

"I had never owned a dog. I had never wanted one. Itís not that I donít love dogs, itís just that I never saw myself as a dog person. That changed when my grandmother died quite suddenly. She was very fond of her little dog and spoiled the bitch probably more than she did us grandkids. When she passed, the question of who would care for this little dog came up for discussion. We had considered selling him or sending him to the pound, but that didnít feel right. My granny and I had been very close and I felt that if I took ownership of this little dog that she loved so much, that she would live on with me in some small way. I needed advice on everything Ė his care, his food Ė everything. I was told by a friend to feed him Vonziu as it was what they fed their dogs and I have used this product exclusively in the short time that I have been a pet owner. I think granny would be pleased and hope that sheís smiling down on us from above. "

Erica M., Cardiff

"People put their trust in us when the board their pets with us. Whether itís an overnight stay or for longer trips, we take the care of these beloved family pets very seriously. When the pet owner hasnít stipulated what food they want fed to their pet, or hasnít provided for that element of their stay, we serve Vonziu. For our money and reputation, we cannot find any other food brand on the market that matches the quality and is so readily gobbled up by any of the dogs in our care. Many of our staff who are dog owners have also started buying this product for their own pets. So, I guess you could say Ė when you have a team of animal care professionals telling you itís good stuff, how much better a recommendation could you get than that? "

Robert J., Brighton

"Itís become quite a menagerie in our home. A dog, two cats, two budgies, and a turtle. Iím sure that the clerk at the pet store laughs when she sees us come through the check out with the food and supplies to support our growing herd of pets. For our dog, itís Vonziu or nothing. We tried it out shortly after we learned about the brand for the first time and after we introduced that in our home, weíve not been able to generate any interest from our dog for anything else. If thereís one thing I know Ė your pets (like your children) wonít be shy about showing you what they like and what they donít. If our dog could talk, weíre sure heíd be the spokesperson for Vonziu ancestral feeds. He loves it! "

Mervin M., Stratford

"Our family was a diehard consumer of another popular brand of dog food for generations. When I got my first dog, I didnít consider any other choices. I just bought what I remember my dad buying. I suspect that it was the same for my dad that he just bought what he remembered as a kid in his home as well. We discovered Vonziu on a visit to the store one day when our usual brand was out of stock. Not able to wait until the next shipment would arrive, I picked up another brand, almost without any serious thought. I hadnít expected to see any difference in the eating habits of our dog, but she really took to it. It was the first time that I can recall sitting down to actually read the labels on the dog food bag and look at the ingredients. It was an awakening for me. I was glad to have the opportunity to investigate what I was actually feeding my pet. Now that I know the difference in different brands of pet food, Iíll be loyal to one brand Ė and that is Vonziu. "

Dick R., Killarney

"If you ask my wife, Iím sure sheíll tell you that she is certain that I spend more time one on one with my dog than I do with her. In some ways, I guess itís true as I am on duty a lot and with Rooger as my partner in the canine unit, he probably does get a lot of my attention both on and off the job. But heís got my back when weíre out on the road and has probably saved me from a disastrous outcome on more than one occasion. So, while I try to remember to treat my wife to wine and roses as often as I can so she knows sheís not taking a backseat to Rooger, I also make sure to take care of this dog as best I can. Vonziu Elite is the best product I know to keep him happy, vibrant and alert. I know I owe him (at least) one, and Vonziu is the best way I know to repay those favors day after day. "

Trevor D., Dublin

"I would let my kids pick the dog food when weíd go to the market. It was their pet and I wanted to teach them responsibility. I never even paid attention to the brand. That changes when I discovered Vonziu and heard from others about the great experience they had with the brand. Now, the kids are still responsible for feeding, walking, and taking care of their dog, but they are no longer making the trip to the market to take care of the task of picking the dogís food. Vonziu is now written by name on our grocery list every week. "

Russell B., Glasgow

"He was running out of steam, I could see it in his eyes. He just didnít have that get up and go that he used to have. I thought it was just a matter of old age. But a friend suggested that I try Vonziu to see if that made a difference. I saw noticeable results almost instantly. It was like we had turned back the clock two years. He was showing the same energy he had as a pup. I have my dog back, thanks to Vonziu. "

Chic C., Carrickfergus

"Food is an integral part of having a healthy dog and VonZiuElite food gives us that. We have had our bear on VonziuElite complete puppy food since we collected him and he is thriving on it and wouldn't use any other food for him, he has a very glossy coat and is a very healthy 36kg at the age of 11 months.

Life is complete with our bear in our lives and we thank you both for letting us have one of your bears come to live with us.


Debbie and Dave Nelson & our bear

"Our wonderful pup has eaten nothing but VonziuElite food and has bright eyes, a great coat and most of all eats the bowl in a very eager fashion! He does very well on it and we feed him very little extra other than the kibble.

We do buy the best kibble that Jay and the team sell but it's not over priced compared to what's being sold elsewhere! Let's be honest you do get what you pay for but this food is a great buy and cheaper than many others

This is our pup at about 6 months old he's now over 16 months and has still got a really great coat and sparkly eyes ! See no reason to change a happy dog on a winning food.

Paul & Kerry Eastwood and most importantly Kaiser.

"I purchased Vonziu Elite Puppy food for my new puppy, she loved the taste and texture. This helped her settle into her feeding routine. I think this really helped her find her feet in her new home. "

Sharon Waddington

"I have had several German Shepherds and when I picked my latest from Vonziu Kennels I was so impressed with the quality of the dogs that I had to give the Vonziu dog food a go as well. I have always fed my dogs the best quality food but I have found that Vonziu is as good as any brand I have previously used and costs considerably less than the previous brand. "

Mr Eddie Reed

"I would like to say a big thank-you from both of us and especially Kooks. He loves the taste of the food and ensures to always leave an empty clean licked bowl. The food is great putting all dogs' health first with Kooks being a healthy fit dog with lovely shiny and soft fur. Thanks for making a quality and affordable product. I really appreciate it, and so does Kooks. "

Michelle Harris


26.00 %    
20.00 % Iron sulphate 247 mg/kg
02.40 % Calcium iodate 2.00 mg/kg
07.00 % Manganese sulphate 134 mg/kg
11100 iu/kg Zinc sulphate 349 mg/kg
1111 iu/kg Zinc chelate 83 mg/kg
102 mg/kg Sodium selenite 4.00 mg/kg

9.00 % Chlorine 0.35%
1.40 % Sulphur 0.25 %
1.00 % Magnesium 0.15 %
0.97 % ω6:ω3 10:1
0.20 % EFA 3.20 %
0.76 % Energy 381 kcal/100g
  Digestibility (ME) 16.90 mj/kg


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